Carrington | Grad Photos

You should know Carrington by now if you follow me on social media! She and my brother were my first official couple session when I picked my camera back up and she was one of my fist portrait sessions along with a few friends. I've photographed her family's photos, her and my brother's proposal photos, now grad photos, and snapped a few engagement photos. She might get tired of my camera in her face but photographing people is one of my favorite ways to spend time together sooooo I'm not stopping anytime soon Carrington!

Carrington is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology with a double major in Psychology from Florida State University. Mhmm, she did that. She earned these grad photos for sure! haha OH!! How cute are those mom & daughter photos. They graduated 25 years apart from the same school. So awesome!

Of course I had to get some fun shots of her and Mason since we were right beside a parking garage. They're goofballs and you can totally see that but they also make the sweetest photos together. It's sickening ;P I'm kidding of course! Anyways, scroll and enjoy!