Kayla | capturing purely you

A North Florida native with a traveler’s soul, Kayla is a photographer, baker, autumn enthusiast, and lover of cozy vibes. A wedding and engagement photographer, Kayla’s goal is to help clients see themselves through her lens, as the moments they are experiencing become beautiful memories they can cherish for years to come. 

Always up for an adventure, Kayla often travels to photograph her clients. Whether it’s a destination wedding in North Georgia, a beach engagement on 30A, senior portraits, or lifestyle photography, Kayla is ready to meet her clients where they are. 

Over the last several years, Kayla has built her clientele with a reputation for warmth, professionalism, and excellence. Her work as a photographer often coincides with her vision for Purely Made Photography: to help her clients see they are purely made, beautiful just the way they are. Kayla takes every opportunity to speak life-giving words into her clients, helping them notice all of the good things about themselves.