As a bride to be I have found myself time after time thinking of who I want to document my day. It's a huge deal right?!

With that, I remember what all goes into what we as wedding photographers do. It's no secret that we play many hats. We also spend your entire wedding day with you! Not only is it important to find something who creates images you love but it's just as important to find someone who will take time to care for you every step of the way. For me, this starts the moment you choose me! Every meeting, every session leading up to your wedding day, every "you hanging in there?" text, and every prayer that your day goes perfectly is all so that I can serve you well. I want you to have the best day ever but I also want you as the Bride to feel so loved on your day!

Photography for the pure in love

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I'm ready to book...what's next?!

You're ready for Kayla to capture your day!

To start with, YAYYYY! Secondly, let's chat. Sometimes Bride's don't think of all the photos that are so important to them when looking at my packages. I love talking through this to ensure you have time for exactly what you want documented. After this chat I'll send over a contract and invoice to officially have you booked!

What can I expect before the wedding?

There's a super long to do list that you want to be sure happens before your day! I'm here for you whenever you need me. A few things I can take care of for you are the photo timeline, engagement photos, bridal portraits, and of course reminding you in the heat of wedding planning that this will be the best day!

Happy wedding day!

We're finally here. I don't want you to worry about a THING. Truly, today should be easy breezy! That's why I've got tissues and a crochet hook for the back of your dress in my bag ;) This is your time to shine and my time to be one step ahead of you making sure every detail and smile is captured.

"We'll be driving in a getaway car"

Well this is sad but also so great because I'm headed home to edit your preview gallery! Depending on the length of your day your full gallery will take 6-8 weeks for delivery. Until then, trust that your photos are safe with me. Each photo taken is fully backed up multiple times. The second best day is the one where I get to send a "your gallery is delivered" text!