Paisley Grace | fresh 48

There are so many things I could say about this experience. Should I start with how thankful I am for their family? I met Paisley's grandparents through my sister who goes to church with them. I quickly learned that they couldn't be kinder. Could not. They asked me to do Paisley's Aunts senior portraits (shoutout to SandraLee) and I'm so glad because that session led me straight to Paisley's parents. Or should I say, led Paisley's parents straight to me. They booked my first maternity session after coming back to photography and I was so so thankful for that! A few weeks later they ask me to take Fresh 48 photos of Paisley and I was seriously floored. Like the extremely good kind of freaking out. They trusted me to do this?! My heart could barely handle it. Let me just add that I don't take it lightly when people book sessions with me and much less sessions that I've never done like this fresh 48. I can't help but to be undone when someone believes in me and my creative abilities that much... Back to Paisley! So, on November 5th Paisley came and she's been making hearts gush every since then. She's such a doll that makes the sweetest little facial expressions. I was able to sneak back to the delivery room after Paisley was all bundled up with mom and dad. It was so sweet to see the 3 of them for the first time. Justin, dad, was wrapped instantly!! There's no doubt about that. I could see Madison's mommy instincts had kicked in and it really did something to my heart. The three of them are perfect together. The peaceful nature that they carry is a special gift from God. As you scroll through these photos you'll see the families eager faces and when they light up at first sight of sweet baby. This day will hold a special place in this photographer's heart forever. I'll leave you with this...if you know someone wanting a fresh 48 session, send them my way. I'm hooked.

Aunt Mckenzie was sooooo ready to see her twin sister Madison!! I love sister love <3
Right as Madison welcomed everyone with a "was your hands" !
I remember the excitement of being an aunt for the first time. There is nothing like it!
& I was finished and so were they lol.
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