josh & summer shaffer

I met Summer in 2014 when I moved to Bible College in Alabama. Neither one of us are from Alababama, but our paths were able to cross there and I'm so thankful for that. I grew really close to Summer through time because she was my small group leader. I learned that she is truly such a leader in all things and she quickly became a rock I so desperately needed to lean on. After going on a few mission trips together (where we grew even closer..if you know you know) we both hit a transition at the same point in our lives. God continued to weave our stories together when we moved to Knoxville, TN within a few months apart in 2016. I moved to Ukraine in 2017 and it's in 2018 when Josh & Summer's story started to flourish. I began hearing his name alot! ;) I was able to meet Josh the summer of 2018 and quickly saw that this guy came at just the right time in Summer's life. They compliment each other in the best ways and pull out each other's best qualities. Josh is so good at bringing peace to Summer's heart...and Summer, well she does this for all of us, but she's especially good at initiating a good time for the two of them. Summer is the first person I photographed when coming back to photography after setting the camera down for a few years. She pulled this dream out of me again. As you can see, she has a special way of pulling life out of people and now she has someone else on her team. Josh & Summer, you two are incredible and I'm so thankful to know you.

Summer & Josh were married in a beautiful church outside of Knoxville, TN at 3 in the afternoon. People from all over came to celebrate the two of them and rejoice in this new marriage. It is such a special thing when two people come together and recognize what Jesus has set before them. I hope you enjoy their wedding photos!