Jennifer Burke | Headshots

So, if you follow me on social media at all you'll see that KCP is doing a new thang. Yes, a new thang, because I'm stinking excited!! The truth is that I've been trying to find who I am as a creative and photographer for a few months now. I began to feel deep on the inside that something else was trying to come out of me. There was a new side to my creativity that was trying it's best to breathe life. I came to the crossroads of I can either stuff it down and stay comfortable or I can believe in myself enough to know that I'm capable of this. God is bursting this forth inside of me for a reason, so here we go!

Headshot sessions have been so fun for me but I'm taking it a step further and offering full on branding sessions. Now, for so many people this is a foreign term. Like, what is branding photography and why do I need that? A branding session includes headshots, social media images, and the products you sell/what you do. We are such visual people these days. Photos are everywhere you turn. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, photo blogs (ahem!), photos are everywhere! Your logo, fonts, and other design elements are pulled together in visual form in branding photography. The photos speak what is needed to know by who is using or who will potentially use your services.

I had so much fun with Jennifer creating headshots along with a few fun images. This girl loves her job but is also loads of fun! These photos show her spunky personality! We jammed to 'Who Runs the World' and it was totally fitting ;)