Fields + Taylor

It isn't everyday two of your greatest friends come to town to get in front of your camera! Ahhh, what a breathe of fresh air to see people that know you so well and make you laugh like not many people can. Taylor and I were roommates during my second year of bible college at The Ramp School of Ministry. We both quickly learned that we have lots of quirks and embraced them even quicker! Taylor, Fields, and I have traveled the world together and now we are all using our gifts to share the gospel. I'm proud of each of us! To say, I'm thankful they came from Mississippi for vacation is absolutely correct. During our session Fields had a pose idea and said "I learned this on ticktock". Isn't that every photographers dream?! For your clients to do their research on ticktock? haha! These two literally made this session so easy for me. I always hope that my clients feel so comfortable with me. Let's just be free, feel comfortable, and create magic. Sound good?? ;)