Madison | Portraits

I've been thinking about what people really need to hear sometimes. Have you ever looked at someone and thought how pretty their face was or maybe you thought they look extremely sad. The outward expressions or circumstances are what often hit us first and create our first assumptions about a person. It's likely, though, that this really pretty girl is in the hardest season of her life but we can only see the beauty. So, we tell her she is beautiful and move on. The chances of the sad girl needing to hear "Cheer up this will all be over soon" is very slim. The full situation can't always be known and she could have been suffering through this situation for 10 years now. I just feel like sometimes we need to move past ourselves and really try to know people. Don't let your assumptions be your final say. That beautiful girl may have never heard how great she is at encouraging people and she could be ready to give up all her efforts. The sad girl could benefit from a comment like "Your strength goes beyond this day and I'm here to walk through this with you no matter how long it takes". See how different "move on" and "I'm with you" sounds? Now say "You're beautiful" and "I see your struggle but I also see your heart...It's beautiful!". Which one made even you feel a little pep in your step or made you sit up straighter in your chair? Sometimes (and I'm talking to myself here) we say things that will make us feel good for saying it but there's no real care or depth behind it. The point I'm trying to make is people need to have the good things called out in them. They need to know that they aren't alone. Sometimes they need to know that they're face could be on vogue and the work they put their hands to is another level! Right yall?!

So here I go...Madison. She is gorgeous and her hair, I can't even. She actually went to school with my brother and though I've never actually met her until our session, I have seen her from afar. I've always thought she is drop dead gorgeous. I was so eager to meet her finally! She is so sweet with such a fun personality. I want her to know that I see so much depth to her beauty. Yes, it covers her outer layers but it goes way beneath the skin. Her beauty is the joy that is within and the simplicity that she carries throughout her. Don't be fooled though simplicity is such a gift to have. You, Madison, are a gift to the world.