Knoxville, TN family session

There are sessions like this that give me life in such a special way. All of my clients are literal angels and I'm so thankful for them but when I get to photograph people I know personally it's a treasure. Lindsay and her family have been a God send to me for years now. There were time I literally wouldn't have made it without her straight forward attitude and carefree "let's do it" self! lol Her children are my favorite people and her husband is pretty cool to haha. THEN, I met the rest of the bunch and realized they're all crazy people that I want in my life. All kidding aside I left it all on the field for this joke. We were literally in the most gorgeous field of tall grass and purple flowers. Such a dream.

To put the wondering at ease, yes I do travel! I try to book at least two session if not more for travel dates. I take it easy on the travel fee, but yes there is one! Enjoy the photos :)