Brock | Family

I am really loving beach sessions lately! I have a few in the lineup to share with you guys. There are certain locations that I feel allow the subjects to open up and be a little carefree during their session and the beach is one of those! It makes sense ya'll. Everyone loves to play and run on the beach, it's no different during your photos. Yes, there is the possibility of the wind blowing your hair and and sand everywhere but if you've had a session with me you know my goal is to capture you in your rawest form. If the wind is blowing then we'll work around it..I say to every girl "if your hair blows just let it". I get the best shots with hair flying everywhere and I LOVE it!! If you get sand everywhere and your wild child's shorts get a little wet then wonderful. You can remember how fun they are at this stage. See what I'm saying?? Sessions, for me, are meant to show personality so we will do just that.

I had so much fun with this family! Thank you guys for choosing KCP to capture this time.