Seth & Madison | Engagement

First of all, welcome to the 2020 wedding fam Seth & Madison! I'm so so thankful you guys are here. Capturing your love is easy!

I live in a small town where you know everyone even if you don't "know" them. That's how it is with Seth & Madison. I've always known the two of them but more so from a distance. I feel like I knew them as little kids, all the sudden they were Seth & Madison, and now they're two amazing people starting a life together. Their love really is so easy to capture. The two of you are so easy going together with such fun love! I've so enjoyed getting to know you guys and look forward to the months to come for your fall wedding.

Madison, you're every bit of beautiful! Your sweet & gentle spirit is so loud in the best way possible. There's no denying that you and Seth go hand in hand. I can see how well he loves you and will provide for you in the days to come.

Now, let's see this love in action because these photos do not relent in showing how these two feel about each other! The way they look at each other, the way Madison rests so comfortably in Seth's arms, the way they enjoy each other's presence, it all shows the evident love that's there.

This is too good not to share. The wind was blowing during the session and I wanted to get Madison's hair whipping in the wind. So, yes her hair became the focus for a few minutes. Seth finally said "I never ever thought that I would be doing pictures centered around your hair!" lolol Sorry Seth! Thanks for being such a good sport. Isn't he quiet the model yall?!