Baylee | Flower Challenge

I've been saying I'm obsessed with a lot of things lately but nothing compares to this shoot I just had with my girl Baylee. I'm stunned. In awe. Can't pick myself up off the floor. In very much like with these photos and the creativity that we both stirred up to make this happen. Baylee is a cosmetology student and whipped up these cute little braids in no time. I fluffed them up a little with some left over bouquets I had laying around and wahlah...we have a flower princess who I can't help but to think resembles Moanna.

The reason behind this styled shoot is because the amazing Paige Arminta (find her on IG) does bi-weekly challenges to get your creativity flowing. Why not jump on that?! This is the second shoot I've done..The first one didn't turn out so well. Ha! It was all because I tried to be the model and honestly it just didn't go well. I work much better directing behind the camera instead of in front of it. Yikes.

Really, I'm so proud of how these turned out. I feel like it was just a dream and we got lost in Hawaii and the most magical forest. Maybe these photos will inspire you to find something that's been laying around in your room or home and make art out of it.